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Wood has long been the framing choice for residential and commercial buildings due to its cost, ease of assembly, versatility, and structural performance.


Wood is the only major building material that grows naturally and is renewable. A natural carbon sink, 50% of lumber’s dry weight is carbon which is stored for the life of your project.


Sustainable sourced kiln-dried SPF lumber is the preferred choice of building professionals for new construction or renovation.

SPF Dimensional 

Framing Lumber

Western S.P.F. (Spruce-Pine-Fir) high strength to weight ratio and excellent work ability make it ideal for residential and commercial construction.

Boards are available kiln dried from 1x4 to 2x12 in 8'-20' lengths.

Pre-cut studs are available in 2x4 and 2x6 widths, 92 5/8",104 5/8", 108 5/8",116 5/8".

* Special ordered material also available upon request.

Oriented Strand Boards

& Plywoods

OSB's lower cost, greater stiffness, and uniformity make it Calgary and areas most common sheeting for walls, roofs and floors.  Double R stocks both standard and next generation moisture resistant OSB floor sheeting designed to maintain its performance during prolonged weather and construction delays.

Spruce and Fir Plywood's have been a proven performer in residential and commercial construction for over a hundred years.  Its light weight, great work-ability and bondabilty make it a preference for many home builders and contractors.

Framing Hardware

Double R also carries the following items used in the framing stages of home construction:

  • Sonotubes

  • Rebar

  • Home Wrap

  • Glue

  • Poly

  • Slings 

  • Screws

  • Angle Brackets


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